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Sunday, December 16, 2007

bali's summary


now, i will try to sumarize from what i read from my google reader aggregator about what happens at bali.

probably we all know there were international meeting about environment, united nation for climate change conference, and the meeting held at bali. yesterday, the meeting closed. but you know what, the negotiation is not as simple as closing ceremony. here are some not-so-detail summary.

the target of this meeting is to have a deal between all country about bali road map. it is a grand design of the content for the next meeting that will be held at copenhagen on 2009. copenhagen meeting held to renew the kyoto protocol which is expire on 2012.

rachmat witoelar, currently indonesian enviromental ministry, is the president of bali convention. indonesia itself has already have scenario of what kind of talk would be negotiate that prepared at bogor a few months ago. the bogor meeting created "bali road map".

there was one big thing happened during the bali conference. australian has elected new prime minister. kevin ruud replaced john howard. some media said, ruud has a different few on intenational relationship rather than john howard, in a postive way of course and it supported by kevin ruud decision to ratified kyoto protocol right after his announcement as prime minister. thus, US is the only country that hasnot join the kyoto's protocol.

the bali meeting almost create some deadlock because of three developed country (USA, canada, and japan) didnot satisfy the aggreement. fortunately, because of the other country gave pressure to USA, that country aggreed to sign with some notes. US and the other developed country want the developing country to have responsible on climate change. thus, there is some additional thing added that developing country has responsible to reduce carbon but gradually after technology transfer from developed country.

and there you go. the summary of bali meeting. if you need more detail information, dont ask me. instead, you may use search engine to satisfy your curiosity. hehe. and please tell me if there is any wrong information i wrote.

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