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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

it's november end..


wah! it's november end..

have you guys ever heard about past life therapy? i just read it at kompas! it seems interesting! i mean, you can know how is your past! not just an ordinary past, but who you are, what you have done, etc, which happen at life before your present life! in short, that you are now is a reancarnation from your past life. they use the therapy to cure your illness. many people have tried this therapy! through this therapy you can feel and have a past life regression!

well, i wonder, what kind of life which i enrolled at my past? i am really curious about that. but i dont know how much does the therapy cost!! if you guys have infos about that. especially if there is a free charge one, dont hesitate to contact me, OK! hehehe :p

btw, this week, i had a lot of coversation with my friends. the topics and the discussions were always made me laughed! i guess i had to much laughed this week! they were a gifted comedian! :p

i did nothing special activity last week. i just have some exams, and oiya, i am doing my experiment right now. i just want to know how many chances does indonesian student have, to work at other countries. or how is our position to compete with foreign student in their country. and you know how i do this experiment? well, simple! last week i sent more than 20 emails which delivered to companies located at outside of indonesia. i sent to companies which based on metallurgy or material industry, or something related with it. i asked them if there is any chance for me to have an internship at that company. until now, there is only one which has replied my email. and they said that the internship only allocated for student at that country. hmm.. i am still waiting their reply and sending more email! hehehehe....

ok, that's it for the post. see you..

p.s punten, sori, maaf kalo tulisannya ga bener, lagi belajar nulis pake english nih :p

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mer said...

hello.. selamat u/ posting in English-nya. salah2 sih ngga masalah, namanya juga belajar.
oh ya, experiment-nya menarik. kasih tau aku hasilnya ya..:)
p.s. aku udah punya domain sendiri lho..:)

fiksi said...

teh mer >> hehe.. terima kasih! ntar dikabarin. btw, websitenya keren teh mer!

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