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Thursday, February 24, 2005



as soekarno's said "never forget the history...", i do the opposite. every time i talk to my friends and have some discuss, one of the topic it's must be about our past, our activity in the past, our memory in the past. my friends always look very enthuastic when we talk about our past. the story can make us laugh together. they look remember all the stories. when my turn come to tell about my past, almost nothing appear in my mind. i dont know how but it seem that nothing fell very special about past. not because i have less experience, its more because i never fell very special with everything happened in my life. not even my near-to-death experiences. i almost forget everything that had happened in my junior high school, senior high school and even my first to two year in this campus. i forget my childhood. is this wrong? do i have any sindroms (or symptoms)?

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