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Thursday, February 24, 2005

my books..


in this few years reading become one of my hobby. about the kind of book itself, very depent on my mood and global conditions of course (such as national stability, politics, economy, etc) hehehe.. when this country being shaked by one science or knowledge, then i will very 'burn' to learn that knowledge. i have 'passed' some knowledge such as politics, economy, management, religion, culture, phsicology, etc. at that time i was very familiar with every aspect of that knowledge which i was being focused. but soon its disapear when my focus change to other knowledege. damn, how could it be? but still there is a knowledge that is very hard to conquer. they called philosophy. every time i read faucoult's, whitehead's, camus, and their friend (or enemy) my mind focus automatically convert to imagination which has no relation at all! the consequence, i never finished and couldn't write the resume. except for jostein gardner's of course (thanx for his style of teaching). just as know, almost a week, i haven't finish to read fritjof capra for his hidden conections, not even a half! while i have finished da vinci code not more than a week!

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