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Saturday, January 29, 2005

my academic....


damn! its a hard day. i'm in the lowest level of my academic carreer. yeah, i thought it wont be this bad! well, by the way, i am not losing everything, i've just lost my scholarship chance, lost my international summer school chance, i lost my bla..bla... (upss, that's a big mistake i guess).

however with a good mark i can do 5000 things but now while i have a bad mark i can do 4500 things..right???then this situation will not blow my dreams, but delay it??yess,that for sure!

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sarti said...

C'mon fiks Smangat!!!?
Keoptimisanmu dalam menghadapi aku acungin jempol....kaki, he.he.

fiksi said...

ugghhhhh.. i know how 'your feet thumb' smells.... hahahaha. anyway, thanx for your comment.

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